Hand Carved Clocks
I create hand carved wooden clocks from various types of wood.  The black bear clocks are very popular with my customers.  I will
also create a custom clock from your imagination.  If you can imagine it, I can create it.

I hand scroll the wood into a shape, route the edges, and then finish carving it into shape.  These clocks take a great deal of time to

I keep my pricing low on these quality hand carved clocks in order to make it affordable for my customers.

I ship USPS parcel post which is the most cost effective. Shipping charges are only a quote, if calculated shipping is more, you will
be sent an invoice through Pay Pal.  If the shipping charges are less, you will be issued a refund.
MADE TO ORDER  19" x 7" x 1 1/2"
Hemlock. I have a lot of time into this
nice reasonable. Brand new quartz
movement and hands.

This nice clock will make a great  gift
for the hunter in your life.

This is a very colorful clock that I
made, the detail is great, I added a
touch of fine glitter to the varnish to
give the feathers some shimmer and  
will enhance the overall feel of your
chicken theme. This great clock will
brighten up any room.
MADE TO ORDER Hand carved walking black bear clock.
This little clock looks fantastic hanging on the wall. Quartz
mechanical motor, you can flip the hands from silver to
black if you prefer. I have some time and money involved
creating this clock, and feel the asking price if very
This clock was sold, but I will make another
special for you. Hand scrolled plank with a
nice buck routed into the wood. This is a
very nice clock with brand new Quartz clock

The price is very reasonable compared to
the amount of time and money invested in
this nice time piece.
Hand Carved Standing Black Bear Clock
 Hand Carved Walking  Black Bear Clock
Wooden Routed Buck Clock
Hand Carved Rooster Clock
Cortese Creations
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Doe and Fawn Acrylic Painting Clock
Original 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" Acrylic painting, outer
frame size is: 9 1/2" x 12 1/2" x 1 1/2".  Can be
hung on the wall or will stand on a table or shelf.

This clock is one-of-a-kind original of high detailed
quality.  Clock parts are new.  The outer frame is
completely hand made by me.  The decorative
wooden front is scrolled and I used my wood
burner to give it some depth, stained and finished.  
Ready to hang for our enjoyment.  This will look
great in any rustic decor like your hunting cabin or

I have a lot of time in creating this fantastic piece
but am asking a very low price.
Hand Carved Long Eared Owl Clock
Hand Carved Long Eared Owl Clock Side View
Hand carved long eared owl
clock with acrylic paint, new
Quartz movement, numerals, and
This clock was a special
order,and I will make one for

My pricing is very reasonable
considering the amount of time I
spend on creating this great