Custom Rustic log Signs
I get my wood from a local
Amish saw mill scrap pile.
It dries in my garage for several

I have plenty of dry wood in my
garage ready to sand for your
custom order.
These are my sanders that I use
very day.  
Black Bear Buck Rifles Welcome to Camp Custumizable Sign
I create rustic log signs from 1st cut slabs I retrieve from a local Amish saw mill.  Most of the wood is Hemlock or Pine.

I work closely with you on design and budget.  Please contact me.

pricing is very reasonable considering the amount of time and money I have invested into them.
The signs shown on this page are my most popular.  Each sign is unique and different in size and characteristics. These
rustic log signs will look great in any rustic decor. Size and wood grain vary and no 2 are the same.  The images are burnt
in and hand painted. Several coats of indoor/outdoor polyurethane is applied for hanging inside or outside for your

I ship USPS parcel post which is the most cost effective. Shipping charges are only a quote, if calculated shipping is more,
you will be sent an invoice through Pay Pal.  If the shipping charges are less, you will be issued a refund.
Click the Contact US tab, fill out the form with your inquiries about custom work and click the
Submit Button when done.
Black Bear Welcome to Our Camp Rustic Log Sign
Cortese Creations
Skill Belt Sander and Wood
Ryobi Hand Belt Sander And Wood
Sign Hangers and Materials
Wood Burners and Torch
Ruff Cut Slab Wood
Bass and Trout With Fishing Rods Customizable Rustic Log Sign
Two Foxes With Flowers Customizable Rustic Log Sign
Black Bear on Log Customizable Rustic Log Sign
Buck and Turkey Custom Log sign
We Don't Call 911 Smoking Pistol Rustic Log Sign
Lets Ride Motorcycle Rustic Log Sign
Bear and Cub Customizable Rustic Log Sign
Buck and Turkey customizable sign.  This is a great sign for any hunting
cabin or man cave.  
Buck and Black Bear on Log Slab sign.
Buck and Black Bear standing on rifle customizable sign.  This
is a great sign for any hunting cabin.  
"Pinwood" which is burnt into the surface of the wood and
stained.  Lettering can also be routed in or scrolled (which
costs more).  This is a great sign for any hunting cabin.  
Black Bear and Cub customizable sign which is a very popular sign with my
We don't call 911 rustic log sign.  This is a very popular
sign.  The pistol is burnt into the wood surface, letters are
routed in and painted.
Popular with any biker.  I can put your motorcycle on this sign using
your photo.  The motorcycle is burnt into the wood surface and
hand painted.  The letters are burnt into the wood surface and
painted also.
2 foxes with hand painted white flowers.  Foxes are burnt in and
painted.  The lettering is routed in and painted.  You can
customize the lettering.
Angler Bass and Trout log customizable sign.  This is a great
sign for any fisherman or woman.
Honda Trike, Black Bear on Log, Peaceful Acres Custom Slab Signs